Iulo, Herbert
letter - handwritten



1st page:
"473 S. Ocean Ave.
Patchogue, N.Y.
Dear Sir,
I'll be very pleased to tell you lots of little storys of what I done but heres one that I will not forget. While unloading heavy shells in the Woods of Villa Cortters a German shell burst near by which was a piece of shrapnel"

2nd page:

"struck me in the right leg and a twig of a tree struck me in the neck and I was t[h]rown right of the truck and I happened to have a case of 75c shells in my hand which fell on top of my right arm and fractured it.
That was March 27, 1918. Then May 27, as soon as I came out of Hospital"

3rd page:

"I got a dose of Mustard gas which I am suffering from it yet.

Well I am sorry I am not in Patchogue at present but I expect to be there soon, But you can [?] write to above address for my folks are there and they will send me any mail.
I am Respectfully
Yours Herbert Iulo"