Rose, Arthur E.
letter - handwritten



"Sayville, N.Y.
Dr. Gordon,
Dear Sir:

I am sorry to say I mislaid the blank which you forwarded to me in regard to service record. I will try to give you the date to be filled in after my name.

I enlisted April 5th 1919 as Seaman 2nd Class in the U.S. Naval Reserve, was released May 16th 1919.

I was at Pelham Bay Camp for 7 months. Then made 10 trips to the Norfolk, Va. , as a cadet in the Naval Auxiliary Officers' School. After that I was sent back to the N.A.R. headquarters, South and Whitehall Sts., N.Y.C.

Yours sincerely

Arthur E. Rose"



Letterhead stationery of Arthur E. Rose , Sayville, N.Y., enclised between a design of two bending trees.