Carter, Carleton
survey sheet - handwritten



On front (recto) of survey sheet:

Date of Enlistment: May 18, 1917
Military Camps to which went:
* Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Units to which belonged:
* Submarine Chaser Detachment # 1 (U.S. Sub. Chaser # 91)
Date of trip overseas: May 18, 1918
Service there: (Over) -->
Date of return: May 15, 1919
Date of demobilization: July 9, 1919
Honors received: --

On back (verso) of survey sheet:

"We crossed the Atlantic under our own power in 110 ft. Chaser stopping at Bermuda, Azores, Brest [France], arriving Plymouth, England, in June. Patrolled English Channel until Aug 20 area was then tranferred to Queenstown, Ire[land] Patrolling Irish Sea and South Coast until Armistice. Made contact with two submarines, the British Admiralty giving us credit for sinking one and damaging the other. At the time of Armistice were operating out of Holy head, Wales. Later, we were sent to Le Havre, France, to do harbor work, then to Brest and still later to Lisbon, Portugal. Returned to the U.S. under own power having logged over 50,000 miles."



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