Coleman, James B.
survey sheet - handwritten



Date of Enlistment: [Date of] Commission: June 15, 1916
Military Camps to which went:
* McAllen, Texas
* Plattsburg [N.Y.]
* Camp Upton
* Army War College
Units to which belonged:
* [Molley?] Reserve, G.H.Q. [General Headquarters]-G-4
* 2nd Supply Train, 2nd Division, 1st Army
Date of trip overseas: Dec. 27, 1917
Service there:
* [Molley?] Reserve, Advance Section S.O.S. G.H.Q G-4
* 2nd Div. Supply Train. 1st Army Water Train
* H.Q. - [Eissy?] Occupation, Dist[rict]. of Paris
* Aisne, Marne, Som[m]e Offensive, Aisne Aisne, St. Mihiel, Argonne [Campaigns]
Date of return: July 22, 1919
Date of demobilization: Jan. 9, 1920
Honors received: Croix de Guerre, 2 Army Citations
[signed] J. Coleman, Major, USRS



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