Conklin, Howard S., Jr.
survey sheet - handwritten



On front of survey sheet (recto):

Date of Enlistment: Dec. 17, 1917
Military Camps to which went: (See other side)
Units to which belonged:
* 501st Aero Construction Squadron
* 196th Radio Squadron
Date of trip overseas: --
Service there: --
Date of return: --
Date of demobilization: December 22, 1918
Honors received: Commission as 2nd Lieut[enant]. Aviation Section, Signal Reserve Corps

On reverse of survey sheet (verso):

* 1st Plattsburg Camp [N.Y.]
* Fortress Monroe, Va.
* Fort Slocum, N.Y.
* Morrison, Va.
* Taylor Field, Ala.
* Souther Field, Americus, Ga.
* Columbia University, N.Y.
* Post Field, Fort Sill, Ok[lahom]a.
* Gershner [i.e., Gerstner] Field, Lake Charles, La.
Joined Y.M.C.A. and worked as Director for the Community Motion Picture Bureau in France, England, and Northern Russia with the American and Allied troops from April to December 1919



Greetings from Camp Morrison, Virginia (Flickr / Bob Swanson) [postcard]

Taylor Field - Montgomery County, Alabama (Alabama Historical Markers on

WWI Era (Souther Field, the Early Years, Americus, Georgia)

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