Suffolk & Nassau County Town And Village Histories

Contained in this collection are histories of Towns and Villages in Suffolk County and Nassau County. In New York State, Towns are large geographic and administrative subdivisions of Counties. They also include many Villages (incorporated and unincorporated). On Long Island proper, there are currently three Towns in Nassau County: Hempstead, North Hempstead, and Oyster Bay. To the east, Suffolk County includes ten Towns: Huntington, Babylon, Smithtown, Islip, Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southold, Southampton, Shelter Island, and East Hampton.

The Town center is often, though not always, located in a Village of the same name. There are often overlapping gray areas between such Town and Village histories. Such histories are often mutually supportive to some degree. The case of Brookhaven is a somewhat extreme example. The Village of Setauket, founded in 1655 and also originally known as Brookhaven, was initially the Town’s administrative center, and the Town was given the same name (Brookhaven). The administrative center later moved to the Villages of Coram, Patchogue, and currently Farmingville. Meanwhile, the north shore village of Setauket became simply Setauket, NY, and a new Village of Brookhaven, NY grew up near the south shore. Both are located in Brookhaven Town.

A sermon, containing a general history of the Town of East-Hampton, (L.I.)
Type: Book

Written on the title page:

"A Sermon, containing a general history of the town of East-Hampton, (L.I.) From its first settlement to the present time. Delivered at East-Hampton, January 1, 1806.

By Lyman Beecher, Pastor at the church in that place.

Sag-Harbor, N.Y.

Printed by Alden Spooner.


An American Lordship
Type: Book

Originally published in Vol. XXXI, No. 2 (Dec. 1885) of "The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine".

Historical Sketch Of Sayville, L.I. At The Centennial Celebration.
Type: Pamphlet

Title page reads: "Historical Sketch Of Sayville, L.I. At The Centennial Celebration. July 4, 1876. By John Wood, Esq."

History Of Patchogue
Type: Book

A history of Patchogue, N.Y., written in 1925 by Dr. H. Wellington Gordon, then the recently retired first Superintendent of Schools (UFSD #24, Patchogue, N.Y.), and then Patchogue Village Historian.

History Of The Town Of Riverhead, Suffolk County, N.Y.
Type: Pamphlet

Written by Hon. George Miller, and read by T.M. Griffing, Esq., at the Centennial Celebration, July 4, 1876.

Patchogue: Queen City of Long Island's South Shore: In The Twentieth Century
Type: Book

Page 4: "This picture book is a continuation of my previously published book, Patchogue, the early years. It shows the development of our community in the 20th century using available pictures, covering the years between 1900 and 2006."

Patchogue: Queen City Of Long Island's South Shore: The Early Years
Type: Book

It was not my intent when writing this book, to give a precise history of the Village of Patchogue, but more to give the reader a feeling of what life was like in our town many years ago. My greatest appreciation to my daughter Susan for helping me master all the computer programs needed to create this book.

Picturesque Patchogue
Type: Newspaper

Special issue of "The Argus" (v. 14 n. 43) titled "Picturesque Patchogue".

The Manor Of Shelter Island
Type: Pamphlet

"An Address read before the Annual Meeting of The Order Of Colonial Lords Of Manors In America on April 23, 1931 by Miss Cornelia Horsford."

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