Water Island, N.Y. - Waterfront

Ocean Scene At Water Island
Type: Postcard

A sepia tinted photograph of a beach at Water Island, Fire Island, N.Y.

S.S. Gowanburn, Ashore At Water Island, Mar. 13, 07.
Type: Postcard

A sepia toned photograph of the "S.S. Gowanburn", ashore at Water Island, Fire Island, N.Y. on March 13, 1907.

Water Island - Aug. 1923
Type: Photograph

A sepia tinted photograph of Water Island taken in August of 1923.

Type: Photograph

The reverse reads:

One of the very first oil tank steamers. Captain and crew saved by Blue Point Life Saving crew:

Mr. Newton Moger, Patchogue is at the bow, with Miss Edna Sweezy, sister of H. Chester Swezey Eastport L.I.

Mr. Moger has relics of the ship. a total loss ship sold for scrap. Gluckauf [?] Germany to N.Y. City.

sailing posts used for horse tieing posts at Patchogue

March 24, 1893

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